The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it

"If there is one place on the face of the earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India.... For more than 30 centuries, the tree of vision, with all its thousand branches and their millions of twigs, has sprung from this torrid land, the burning womb of the Gods. It renews itself tirelessly showing no signs of decay”
– Romain Rolland (Nobel Prize laureate, French essayist)

It is this ethos of the ancient land, where man began the dream of existence that drives the Hidush foundation. At Hidush we envision a fair place (world) where not just humans but every living being stands a chance to turn their dream into a reality. We see Hidush as a tree with many branches but all interconnected to serve a common purpose – For the people. By the people.


At Hidush we closely work with people and organizations to understand their needs and help them become independent and self-sustainable. We hope to combine Local knowledge and the strength of a community to provide “personalized” solutions to those we assist. We involve our stakeholders in all the decisions we make so that they can actively participate and plan their own future. Hidush hopes to build relationships with corporates who are committed to the betterment of the communities they belong to (CSR), and companies that believe in sharing their profits to create opportunities for people to thrive. The foundation hopes to form this vital bridge between corporates and communities.


Hidush Foundation is a not for profit organization founded (as a Section 8 company )in 2015 with the objective of providing solutions in the areas of education, health, protection of environment.


Located in the one of largest cities of the world, Mumbai, Hidush’s mission is to inspire communities to alleviate the pain caused by the social monsters. This mission is driven by a core belief that for a human being to thrive, the environment around him should be conducive and supportive.


Credible, sustainable, responsible and transparent…. these values are the roots that nourish and give fruit to the Hidush foundation.

We value partnerships. We believe that good partnerships with people whom we help and the people who help us help those in need, can only happen, when we commit ourselves to be a part of the process with complete honesty and ethics.

We believe that for the foundation to serve its partners we should have the capacity to endure and be sustainable. In order to be a sustainable organization, we always ensure that our ideas and solutions are relevant today, and in the future.

We hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts, words and actions. We value the trust and respect that our partners have in us and feel responsible to be objective and truthful.

We commit to being open and transparent. We understand that the decisions we make impact the larger goals of our foundation; hence we are open for feedback and critic.

sarve bhavantu sukhinah । May all live happily.
sarve santu niramyah ॥ May all enjoy good health
sarve bhadraani psyantu । May all see auspiciousness
ma kaschit dukhbhagbhavet ॥ May none experience distress
om shantih shantih shantih ॥ May peace prevail everywhere.