Mahatma Gandhi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

The Hidush Foundation believes in building a community of individuals who strongly believe is the ethos of serving others.

Do you think that we can make India a fair place where not just humans but every living being stands a chance to turn their dream into a reality? If yes, become a volunteer with the Hidush foundation.

You could Volunteer to any of the following Projects currently:


Hidush is supporting the transformation of the Marathi medium Municipal school at Madh Island (near ice factory/Dariyamata church) (approval awaited). The school offers education to about 650 students in Marathi medium and for Telugu speaking children upto Standard 8. The school operates in two shifts and the management is very keen to have Hidush contribute.

Children could gain from a variety of initiatives ranging from physical education and sports coaching, drawing and art classes, music, attaining proficiency in spoken and written English, counseling for dyslexic children, fire and safety drills, first aid and vocational skills.

The objective is to make the school and its students ready for the future .

Do you think you could contribute in any way? If yes, write in with your details.


Beach Cleanup

Hidush regularly does beach cleanup drives at Madh Island during low tide hours.

Do you think you could contribute in the beach cleanup? If yes, write in with your details.



Did you know that about 18 litres of water flows through an unregulated tap, per minute? Assuming 30 minutes of usage ( kitchen and bathroom tap)per home per day , about 200000 litres  of water are wasted per home in a year.

Imagine ,  the saving in costs to the government and to the planet, if this could be avoided .

Hidush is currently working on an idea to manufacture a ‘water tap’ that is robust, economical and efficient. A combination of water saving and water regulation.

Do you have an unique idea that  will make a “sustainable” difference to this planet? Hidush will endeavor to find an entrepreneur to make this a reality.

Have that “Eureka” moment .. make a difference to this planet .