Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person


Hidush is supporting the transformation of the Marathi medium Municipal school at Madh Island (near ice factory/Dariyamata church) (approval awaited). The school offers education to about 650 students in Marathi medium and for Telugu speaking children upto Standard 8. The school operates in two shifts and the management is very keen to have Hidush contribute.

Children could gain from a variety of initiatives ranging from physical education and sports coaching, drawing and art classes, music, attaining proficiency in spoken and written English, counseling for dyslexic children, fire and safety drills, first aid and vocational skills.

Hidush plans to support repairs and renewal of infrastructure which include the following :

  • Provision of a water purifier to make sure students and staff have access to clean drinking water 

  • Creation of a projection room and computer lab for enabling e learning 

  • air conditioning the projection room to protect equipment from exposure to  saline moisture and  humidity. 

  • construction of a separate girls toilet.

  • fans for all classrooms to augment the existing ones

  • false ceiling to provide shelter from the existing asbestos roof which heats up 

  • painting of external and internal walls 

  • cupboards for all classrooms and teachers rooms

  • computers to augment the existing ones 

  • chairs and tables to augment existing ones. 

  • provision of sports equipment 

  • AMC to maintain equipments .

  • replacement of existing asbestos roofing with a modern roof.


Hidush Foundation plans to provide a scholarship to support the further education of deserving under privileged children from municipal schools in Mumbai and have secured more than 90% marks in SSC examination.

Hidush will provide the following

  • Bus/train pass to travel from home to college

  • College fees

  • Books and stationery

  • Tiffin box

  • Bagpack

  • Umbrella

  • Umbrella

Any other support that the child may require on a case to case basis.


Swachh “Railway station”:

In support of the Honourable Prime Minister’s flagship program  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Hidush has decided to adopt suburban railway station  and commence a “Keep your  railway station clean” initiative.

Hidush aims to clean up suburban railway station once a month to begin with.

Awareness and safety campaign at Aksa beach, Madh, Mumbai

Aksa beach at Madh Island is considered to be unsafe and has claimed many lives over the years. Despite the presence of life saving guards, the treacherous waters has claimed many lives.

Hidush plans to carry out an awareness campaign on week ends to warn revelers of the dangers that the beach poses. Signboards shall also be put up at vantage locations in multiple languages to alert beach goers.


Did you know that about 18 litres of water flows through an unregulated tap, per minute? Assuming 30 minutes of usage ( kitchen and bathroom tap)per home per day , about 200000 litres  of water are wasted per home in a year.

Imagine ,  the saving in costs to the government and to the planet, if this could be avoided .

Hidush is currently working on an idea to manufacture a ‘water tap’ that is robust, economical and efficient. A combination of water saving and water regulation.

Do you have an unique idea that  will make a “sustainable” difference to this planet? Hidush will endeavor to find an entrepreneur to make this a reality.

Have that “Eureka” moment .. make a difference to this planet .