If we stop caring for animals we will stop caring for people

He lives in a posh locality in Mumbai. Yet, on most days he goes hungry and most nights he sleeps with the fear of being attacked or poisoned to death. Smurfy is one of the very few street dogs living on the streets of Malabar Hill. Smurfy is sterilized and lives in much more hygienic conditions unlike some of his stray friends in the P-North ward. But he lacks the friendship and love of random strangers and passersby walking on the street.

There are close to 7,451 stray dogs living on the streets of Malad, Malwani and Bangur Nagar. (Source: Times of India)Various non-profits have stepped to take care of stray dogs like Smurfy in some of the areas in the P-north ward. But there are more who need our help. As our cities get bigger we often focus on the challenges arising from increased population density. We do not address the animal population that we share our spaces with the same rigor. And when there is a reaction it is in an unwarranted and inhumane fashion; like the killing of 40 street dogs in Kannur, Kerala by poisoning. (Source: Times of India)

We live in a country where cows are worshipped, yet we deny the same kind of love, affection or care for strays like Smurfy, why?


At Hidush we believe that animals should be given the same care and love, as do humans. As a start we hope to care for the stray dogs in the Malad, Mumbai area by adopting them. We hope to tie with local non-profits and home associations to make sure that Smurfy and his friends are not scavenging through the garbage piles for their food. We will make sure they are regularly vaccinated. We are also hoping to tie up with pet care centers to operate animal ambulances for stray dogs and cats.

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains un-awakened”, Anatole France.