It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed

Hidush Wishes to Express Gratitude to:

Thank you Pandarinath Vetkar,Haresh Vala, Ravi Khuranna, Pankaj bhai for your donations.
Thank you Dr.Debraj Shome and the Shome family for choosing Hidush to create a scholarship corpus in the name of Dr Debabrata Shome. Thank you for the trust you reposed in us .
Thank you Abdul Kazi , Piyush Gohil, Roshan Kazi, Anikhet and Abhineet for having incorporated Hidush Foundation without any charges and getting our registrations. Thank you for agreeing to take care of our compliances.
Thank you Nagaraj, Priya, Shailika, Surabhi, Anjani, Vini, Nikhil and team Senseware for having agreed to create the web site and maintain it without any charges.
Thank you EBS and Ankur Mishra for agreeing to support us with the payment gateway..
Thank you Hitesh, Nandu and Arun Kochhar for agreeing to be auditors of Hidush without any charges and also working on our Sec 80 G registration.
Thank you Dr M K Sinha ( ex Chairman State Bank of India) for your blessings, encouragement and readily agreeing to come on our Board of Advisors.
Thank you Anubhuti for encouraging an unknown person.
Thank you to 'seekers group' and friends for your kindness and support .
Team Hidush expresses gratitude.